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We are so fortunate to have all our boys sponsored and to be able to provide them with educational and meaningful activities thanks to our donors! We are now looking for monthly sponsors for our local staff. STSF has decided that, at this time, any and all foreign staff will make no profit, so 100% of donations go directly to the boys care. We currently have one paid staff in the home and with the high number of boys living there, we are hoping to hire at least two more additional staff by the end of 2020.
Local staff provide insight, education, and empathy on a level that we, as foreigners, never could achieve with the children. Not only does investing in local staff help the community, it also helps the kids we serve get the best care possible. We are looking for people to donate whatever they can afford monthly or one-time to help us hire additional staff and provide fair wages- helping the boys and the workforce in Uganda! Our goal is to receive $420 USD a month in order to ensure we are both uplifting the boys and the local community. Whatever you choose to donate towards staff wage please leave the comment “staff”. 
*In the case we receive more monthly donations than the stated cost above, we will be in contact with you to better ensure the money is going directly to your chosen cause - the money may be relocated (with your consent) to the security fund covering the expense of our security fees to keep the home safe”
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