COVID-19 2021 Update.


Uganda recently imposed another lockdown for 42 days due to the increase number of COVID-19 cases here in Uganda.
This lockdown included all schools and public transport being closed. We currently have a full house of boys yet again. Sadly, despite our best efforts we have had a COVID-19 outbreak within the house. The boys are doing well, the symptoms are minimal, and we currently have doctors and health care professionals monitoring the boys and staff.
So, with all the recent changes we are hoping you can help us continue give the best possible care for the boys at Streets To Success Foundation.
·      Breakfast: $85 USD – This provides all the children and our wonderful staff with breakfast every day for 1 month. A typical breakfast here is tea and mandazi (a local ‘donut’) or cassava (a local root vegetable).
·      Medical attention & treatment: $565 USD – As we currently have a COVID-19 outbreak within the house, we especially want to ensure the safety and health of all the boys and staff. This includes testing everyone for malaria, typhoid, and covid-19, medication to help boost their immune system, a secondary covid-19 test after a couple weeks, some additional items to their diet to help their immune system (I.E., lemons, oranges, honey, ginger etc.) and most importantly; a nurse who will be living in the house for 1 week to monitor and observe everyone to ensure their health and safety.  
*While we are pricing out the total for these items, please feel free to donate any amount, every little bit goes a long way here!* 
·      General donation: Any Amount – general donations is put towards food and general upkeep of the boys & staff. 
Any questions feel free to email at or send a dm!
Donate through our website at or our Venmo @streetstosuccess  
As always, we can’t thank you enough for all your support. Whether you do so through a sponsorship, a donation, or just following our work online, we wouldn’t be able to do our work without your help!